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a small boat in a body of water

Ben is originally from the UK but has called Queenstown home for well over a decade. His energetic zest for life and a love for the outdoors inspired him to create Paddle Queenstown. When he’s not out on the lake you’ll find him…well you won’t, he’ll be out on the lake, unless he is fishing, skiing or getting his hands dirty with a spot of gardening! 

Ben’s Pro Tip: Put your cell phone down and look up around you!


a man riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

Kat ditched her job in the UK as a teacher to play in New Zealand, exchanging the classroom for an office with a view. She paddle boards on calm days, kayaks on rough days, and wind-surfs on stormy days; any time in between, she’ll be out riding horses (or quite possible napping.) Don’t let her petite appearance fool you, she can paddle with the best of them!

Kat’s Pro Tip: If it looks difficult, it’s probably worth it.


a man standing next to a body of water

Phoebe is another English runaway, she left the south coast of Devon at the age of 16 to start her travels. First to Canada, where she tamed wild thoroughbreds on race yards, back home for a few years working as a paddle sports instructor after 2 years she then came to New Zealand! She is now the life of the beach front here in Queenstown. Phoebe’s learning to snowboard, white-water paddle boarding and raising her German Short haired pointer dog, Chief.

Phoebe’s Pro Tip: “If you cant be good, be careful!”


a wooden boat in a body of water

Nardia is our flying kiwi of the team! Raised in the deep south, Queenstown has been her backyard since forever ago! She has worked in many different tourism operations around Queenstown and knows the best spots for coffee. When not at work she’s tending to her house plants or playing with her kitty cat Jess and wee puppy Gent.

Nardias Pro Tip: “Throw Kindess around like its confetti”


a person standing in front of a mountain

Lennie is another British Import from the sometimes sunny, mostly rainy South Devon, where she worked as a Powerboat and Wakeboard instructor. She’s spent the last year living in her van Sandy (which lives up to its name), surfing and hiking her way around the beautiful NZ! Never happier than when on the water, she also loves tramping, camping, is a keen yogi, a fast but not graceful snow skier and a massive foodie.

Lennie’s Pro Tip: You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.


a man holding a fish in the water

Jeff is a temporary kiwi-convert from the mountains of Colorado. He teaches snowboarding in the winters and guides whitewater rafting and fly fishing in summer. He prefers everything outdoors and always has a helpful suggestion. He is really good at telling bad Dad jokes, but Helen’s always there to laugh at them when nobody else will. Which is often.


a person standing next to a body of water

Another American transplant, Jane moved here from Colorado and is best known for her organisational skills and get-it-done attitude. You will usually find her organising something and making sandwiches for Jeff. She’s the best skier on the mountain and crushes it at the bike park in her free time. She may be small but she packs a sassy punch. Did we say she’s really organised?

Jane’s Pro Tip: Work smarter, not harder.