Framed by stunning mountain ranges and clear alpine water, there’s no better place to paddle than on scenic Lake Wakatipu.



Welcome to Paddle Queenstown!

Located on the beautiful shores of Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu, we operate guided kayak tours, kayak and SUP freedom rentals, as well as water sports hire including aqua bikes, kayaks and paddle board rentals.

Our paddle experiences are designed with the adventurer in mind. Whether you want to explore Lake Wakatipu in your own group, or join one of our experienced guides on a tour, we have kayaking and paddle board options to suit you.

Join our Lake Wakatipu guided tour or Moke Lake guided tour and have fun learning the basics of paddling whilst soaking up breathtaking scenery, discovering hidden gems and getting a taste of some stories of the past from our experienced guides.

Want to explore Lake Wakatipu in your own time? Take our ‘Freedom’ kayak or paddle board rentals and explore one of our recommended routes. You could even take your own special picnic to enjoy and discover your own secret spots of this majestic lake.

Your paddle adventure begins here...

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