Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

We operate all year round and in most weather conditions, Queenstown is a truly spectacular place to visit and go kayaking. Winter is obviously colder, but the snow capped mountains create a breath-taking backdrop to your trip.

Are you in town for a while or flexible with days? Try booking for optimum weather conditions out on the lake.

Best conditions are when the little arrow points down or right (northerly or westerly winds) and when wind speed (in knots) is below 8. Morning trips offer those picture perfect reflections but can be a little cooler.

Don't worry if no days match this, we still have a few little tricks up our sleeve if mother nature isn't playing fair!

Or for more info get in touch and we'll let you know what weather fronts are coming through!

*Please note - this is only a weather forecast, part of the beauty of Queenstown is that conditions can change fast.

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